Statistics (2016/17)



Note: Table reflects league games played up to and including April 23, 2017.

 Top Goalscorers 

15 Goals

Shane Clarke (Janesboro)

14 Goals

Olly O’Driscoll (Regional United)

11 Goals

Mark McGrath (Carew Park)

George Daffy (Fairview Rangers)

Barry Sheedy (Kilmallock United)

10 Goals

Keith Mawdsley (Aisling Annacotty)

9 Goals

David Hannon (Fairview Rangers)

Adrian Power (Janesboro, 5 for Moyross United)

8 Goals

Cian O’Donoghue (Fairview Rangers)

Barry Quinn (Moyross United)

John Connery (Pike Rovers)

7 Goals

Jamie Daly (Ballynanty Rovers)

Dermot Fitzgerald (Ballynanty Rovers)

Arron Nunan (Pike Rovers, 4 for Janesboro)

6 Goals

Jason Lipper (Aisling Annacotty)

Ryan Gilmartin (Nenagh AFC)

Eoin Hanrahan (Pike Rovers)

5 Goals

Derek Daly (Ballynanty Rovers)

Tony Fahy (Ballynanty Rovers)

Darragh Rainsford (Fairview Rangers)

Eddie Lee (Geraldines)

John Tierney (Janesboro)

Cian Collins (Pike Rovers)

Tommy Heffernan (Kilmallock United)

Killian Hayes (Kilmallock United)

4 Goals

Paudie Quinn (Fairview Rangers)

Craig Madigan (Fairview Rangers)

Niall Burchill (Kilmallock United)

Eoin Burchill (Kilmallock United)

Thomas Sheppard (Nenagh AFC)

Daniel Butler (Nenagh AFC)

Colin Daly (Pike Rovers)

Dave Ryan (Pike Rovers, 2 for Ballynanty Rovers)

James McGrath (Nenagh AFC)

Stephen Keeley (Regional United)

3 Goals

Gary O’Neill (Ballynanty Rovers)

Kevin Nolan (Ballynanty Rovers)

Keegan Park (Carew Park)

Brian Murphy (Fairview Rangers)

Mike Ryan (Janesboro)

Paudie Sheedy (Kilmallock United)

Jack Barry (Kilmallock United)

Mark McKenna (Nenagh AFC)

Shane Walsh (Pike Rovers)

Brian O’Callaghan (Regional United)

Kevin Barry (Janesboro, 2 for Pike Rovers)

Did You Know?

  • While Olly O’Driscoll (Regional United) is the only player to manage a six-game goalscoring streak, Dermot Fitzgerald (Ballynanty Rovers) managed five on-the-trot, George Daffy (Fairview Rangers) hit four-in-a-row, and the following players have scored in three consecutive league games: John Connery (twice) and Eoin Hanrahan (Pike Rovers), Barry Sheedy and Killian Hayes (both Kilmallock United), Arron Nunan, John Tierney and Shane Clarke (all Janesboro), Darragh Rainsford and Cian O’Donoghue (both Fairview Rangers), Mark McGrath (Carew Park), Keith Mawdsley (Aisling Annacotty).
  • Fairview Rangers possess the greatest goals-per-game ratio so far, with 2.94. Meanwhile, Geraldines have only scored at a rate of 0.83 goals per match.
  • Janesboro have the meanest defence so far, with 0.89 goals conceded per game. Geraldines sport the leakiest, conceding at a rate of 3.44 goals per game.
  • Twenty eight players have scored after coming off the bench this season, with Kevin Barry (then Pike Rovers, now Janesboro) the only player to manage that feat three times.
  • Seven players have registered hat-tricks so far this season: Barry Sheedy (Kilmallock United) away to Carew Park; Jason Lipper (Aisling Annacotty) hit three against Moyross United; Shane Clarke (Janesboro), Adrian Power (then Moyross United, now Janesboro), and Barry Quinn (Moyross United) all bagged three against Kilmallock United; Niall Burchill (Kilmallock United) hit a treble against Geraldines, while Mark McGrath (Carew Park) became the first player to score four in one game, when his side defeated Geraldines in Garryowen.
  • In terms of getting goals from all around the team, Janesboro top the charts with 16 unique goalscorers. Geraldines and Moyross United jointly bring up the rear with only eight unique goalscorers thus far.
  • Kilmallock United have had the most settled starting eleven thus far, with just 20 unique starters. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, Carew Park, Geraldines, and Fairview Rangers have fielded a staggering 30 unique starters.

Note: All information above reflects league games played up to and including April 20, 2017.